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Our tiny vineyard consists of 100% Syrah vines. We make Syrah and Syrah Rose from our vineyard and country wines from fruits grown in the Echo Park area. We don't sell our wine as you need to be licensed and bonded to do that. Our production capabilities are so small it's hard to justify the time, hassle and expense of the licensing process. But maybe someday...

This site is our vineyard "scrapbook." The online format makes it easier to share with family and friends and we hope to share some of what we've learned about grape growing and winemaking with other people who might want to start a little vineyard of their own.

We're working to add the following areas to our site as we have time:

Vineyard History
General Growing Practices and Philosophy
Winemaking Practices and Philosophy
Winemaking/Grape Growing Definitions and Terms

Our 2008 Growing Season & Harvest Party page is now up!

If you have any thoughts or questions we'd be happy to hear from you.
You can email us at: daugustinevineyard@sbcglobal.net

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Heather & Joe D'Augustine

Station Fire Syrah - 2009 Harvest


We picked this year on August 30th. A little earlier than usual. Due to water rationing we were not able to give the grapes the full amount of water they needed and our yield was low to begin with as we got closer to harvest day. Then we had a strong heat spike. The vines were already water stressed and the heat spike ended up causing a lot of the grapes to raisin up right before we harvested. We only had 78 lbs this year compared with 520 lbs last year. Disappointing, but that's farming for you. Every year is a new story.

The grapes we did get looked good and we are hopeful that our 2009 vintage will be lovely. We didn't have a harvest party this year, because as you can see in the picture, it was terribly smokey on harvest day due to the Station Fire. Joe and I had to wear masks during the first part of the day. We also had so few grapes that we didn't have enough to require help. We hope next year will bring more grapes and less smoke so that our harvest celebration tradition may continue!

Echo Park, CA

Harvest Report 2009:

08/30/09 -- only 78 lbs!

LA water rationing + heat spike

just before harvest resulted in

a poor yield this year.


Vineyard Status:

Approaching Fall dormancy.


syrah rose 2008


In the Cellar:

6 Gallons 2009 Syrah Red

84 Bottles 2008 Syrah Red

8 Bottles 2008 Syrah Rose

18 Bottles Sparkling Lemon Zante

(disgorged - ready next spring)

5 Gallons Spiced Apple wine

D'Augustine Vineyard Featured on KPCC radio show "Off-Ramp"

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